Feeding Steelhead Trout At The Mokelumne River Hatchery – Great Family Fun!

July 18th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

Managed and operated by the California Department of Fish and Game, the Mokelumne River Hatchery was built by the East Bay Municipal Utility District in 1964, as a way to better replace the salmon and steelhead spawning habitats that were disturbed by the building of the Camanche Dam, and originally consisted of one mile of […]

A Country Boy Can Survive Song Lyrics by Hank Williams Jr

July 8th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

What a great song! The preacher man says its the end of time And the Mississippi River shes a goin dry The interest is up and the Stock Markets down And you only get mugged If you go down town I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids, and the […]

Rocky Mountain Oysters Recipe – Bull Testicles Are AWESOME!

July 7th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

This post is by Hilary Shepherd. I have been eating these things forever and love every bite. Mhhhhhh – Craig Mullins I never thought I’d say this, but not only have I eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters on more than one occasion, I have enjoyed them each time. And now, thanks to the Alameda County Fair […]

Valley Springs Mobile Notary $10 Per Signature

July 7th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

Living in a small town like Valley Springs shouldn’t mean you have to give up certain luxuries larger cities offer. Like the services of a local Valley Springs mobile notary. I am available to witness and notarize a variety of documents, including quitclaim deeds, deeds of trust, grant deeds, powers of attorney, loan documents, and […]

Valley Springs California Mortgage Loan Rates

July 6th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

Check the latest Valley Springs California Mortgage Loan Rates, comparing 30-Year Fixed, 15-Year Fixed, and 5/1 ARM. Powered by CA Loan Rates

Mullins Farms Joins Calaveras County Farm Bureau

July 6th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

This is truly a wonderful time in the life of Mullins Farms. We’re starting to get to know our community of fellow farmers, and now we’re proud members of the Calaveras County Farm Bureau. Our local County Farm Bureau office is located in Valley Springs, while the main California Farm Bureau Federation Headquarters is located […]

Valley Springs Real Estate And Homes For Sale

July 6th, 2011 by Craig Mullins

I’ve wanted to own a little acreage for as long as I can remember, but growing up in the big city, I never actually thought it was viable goal. Until I realized I just wasn’t looking in the right place. I met someone who wants the same thing I do out of our land, and […]