Green Acre’s Aquaponic Farming Complete Aquaponics Guide

Green Acre Complete Aquaponics Guide
Join the Farm Revolution with the folks that started it and change the face of agriculture, one small farm at a time!
This 165 page, coil bound manual includes step by step instructions, illustrations, construction drawings and everything a farmpreneur needs to replicate the Green Acre hybrid farm plus…

day to day operations Gina teaching
harvest and seeding tips
operational logs and charts
material and supplier lists
commercial system plans
backyard system plans
marketing tips
farm sales and more!

This is the one complete guide that gives you the tools you need to be successful and the only resource that teaches how to build an integrated farm like the Green Acre model. Learn from the first folks to integrate media growing into a commercial farm. They know that integrating media into commercial systems gives the farmer more options, reduces labor, increases nutrient availability and more!

Green Acre's Aquaponic Farming Complete Aquaponics Guide

Green Acre’s Aquaponic Farming Complete Aquaponics Guide

There are currently Green Acres students building 20,000 sqft (the first phase of a 100,000 sqft project!), 15,000 sqft and several other smaller commercial farms. If you can’t join the training for four days, you can still join the Farm Revolution! What are you waiting for?

They realize that not everyone can attend one of their Colorado or Florida interactive trainings, so …

… we decided to make the Guide from our Green Acre Complete Course available for those that can’t join us in person. Its the next best thing to our intensive four day, hands on curriculum taught by folks that are farming every day. If you can’t attend and want to learn how to build a commercial hybrid farm, this manual will show you step by step how to do it. This information isn’t available anywhere else!


a $795 discount off the very next available training session,  if after purchasing our Complete Aquaponics Guide, you then want to attend!
access to free updates and new developments * Gina and Tonya
discount to a live training if after purchasing our Complete Aquaponics Guide, you are able to attend
monthly Skype Q & A with Green Acre hybrid designers and farmers Gina Cavaliero and Tonya Penick!
free shipping within the continental United States

About Green Acre Aquaponics
Green Acre Aquaponics was designed and is successfully run by Gina Cavaliero and Tonya Penick each and every day. At Green Acre, Gina manages farm operations, their Green Acre Harvest For You! produce club and also their aquaponic training program, where entrepreneurs are taught how to replicate the Green Acre model and operate the hybridized aquaponic family farm. Gina serves as the inaugural Chairman for the Aquaponics Association. Tonya Penick is the behind the scenes force of Green Acre Organics. With a 23 year construction history, Tonya is the system engineer and hands on element in the Green Acre operation. Before becoming an aquaponic farmers, Gina and Tonya co-owned and ran a multi-million dollar producing construction contracting firm.

* good for one year from date of purchase

Green Acre’s Aquaponic Farming Complete Aquaponics Guide Table Of Contents:

The Complete Aquaponics Guide

Table of Contents

Aquaponic Family Farm

Section 1: Aquaponics and Business – The Basics
Chapter 1: What is Aquaponics?
The Nitrogen Cycle
Water Quality and Sources
The Role of pH
The Numbers – Important Levels
All About Cycling
Fishless Cycling
Cycling with Fish

Chapter 2: Business – Farm Business Basic
What you need to consider before becoming a farmer
Understanding your market
Types of distribution channels
Can you sell your fish?
Legal Structures
Zoning Regulations

Farm Session 1
Insect Control/Plant Care
Water Quality/Testing
Fish Handling

Section 2: System Design and Construction
Chapter 3: Aquaponics – Systems Design
System Types – DWC, Media, NFT, Vertical
Combining system types
Worms and Media
Component selection
Constructing the system
Plumbing it all together
Water flow and pumps
Blowers and diffusers
Dissolved Oxygen
Build costs

Chapter 4: Business Marketing
What is your USP?
Form a tribe
Social media “advertising”
The value of creating an email list and sending out newsletters

Farm Session 2
Harvesting/Clean up/Storage

Section 3: Aquaponics – Operating the Farm
Chapter 5 – Farm Management Essentials
Stocking Densities
Fish and Plants
Day to Day Operation
Weekly Operation and More
System Maintenance
Operational Costs and Overhead

Chapter 6 – The Internet Farmer
Business – Your Online Presence
I’m a Farmer…Why do I need a website
Establishing your website
SEO Basics

Farm Session 3
System Build
Construction Basics
Drilling Rafts

Section 4: Aquaponics – The Growing Environment
Chapter 7 – Heating, Cooling and Safe Practices
Farm Bio-security and HACCP practices
Greenhouse Considerations
Heating in the Winter
Cooling in the Summer
Shade Factor

Chapter 8 – You’ve Grown It, But Can You Sell It?
Business – “Sell” is not a 4-letter word!
How to sell at Farmers Markets
How to establish a CSA/Buying Club
Approaching and Pricing for Restaurants
Alternate Revenue Streams

Green Acre Farm Expense Detail
Construction Drawings/Details
Construction Terminology
Vendor/Supplier List
Hybrid 9.2 Material List

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