About Us

Craig Mullins was born and raised in Northern California and has dabbled in everything from welding and machining to solar installations. Craig loves to read all he can and tries to learn something new every day. Most of it self taught.


Developing a love for agriculture as an adult, Craig has immersed himself in the growing field of study and shows no signs of slowing down his self-education anytime soon.

Hilary Shepherd came to California as a small child and had the great luck of growing up in the Berkeley area, where living a green natural life was woven into the fabric of her existence on almost a daily basis.

When asked as a youngster what she wanted to be when she grew up, Hilary would often answer with, “All I know is I want land.”

The worlds of Hilary Shepherd and Craig Mullins came together when the couple bonded over their mutual desire for land and learning how to make it work for them and others in a profitable way.

It’s taken a few years, but Mullins Farms is finally coming to fruition. Craig and Hilary wake up every day looking forward to what their new agricultural lifestyle has in store for them, and are excited to see what their future of farming holds.