How To Market Your Mobile Notary Public Business In California

Looking to start up a new mobile notary public business in California or anywhere for that matter. Here’s a few tip on how/where to market your business. This is going to be a work in progress, so please comment and leave your best tips on where to get new business. Before doing anything you need […]

California Boater Education Courses Get Your California Boater Card

Update: Every boater and personal watercraft driver will need a California Boater Card before they hit the waterways in 2025. This summer,(2019) any boat or personal watercraft operator 25-and-under must carry a boater card before getting behind the wheel.The Division of Boating and Waterways also offers a free online course with a downloadable study guide. […]

Oil Pulling Therapy – What is Oil Pulling?

So someone told me about oil pulling therapy the other day. I was like WTF is that? Basically you just rinse your mouth out with vegetable oil. You swish a teaspoon of oil around in your mouth for 15 – 20 minutes. Any oil works but most people use coconut oil. It’s a good time […]

How To Become A Notary Public In California

Here’s a link to the California Notary hand books– 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 I just got my commission to be a Notary Public in California so I figured I’d notate the steps to get it. The Qualifications are taken directly form the Secretary of state website. Every person appointed as a […]

How Much Money Do California Notary Publics Make

Ever wonder how much money a California Notary Makes? If your just doing simple notary’s don’t plan on getting rich. California has set the max rate at $10.00 per signature. So five signatures from a signer you make $50.00. You are free to charge less or nothing at all if you so desire. California doesn’t […]

Dog GPS System – Dog Expedition Systems Border Patrol TC1

Product Description The Border Patrol TC1 is a fully rechargeable system (Li-Ion batteries). The Collar Unit is waterproof and the Handheld Unit is water-resistant. This system is expandable to a 5-dog unit with TC1 Add-On units (sold separately). GPS e-Fence Mode Features: e-Fence Range: 15 to 800 yd. radius from Center Point Warning Zone Notifications: […]

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket 2333-XL M12 RealTree AP

I hate the cold; A LOT. I just saw this item on Amazon and it’s going to be under the Christmas tree this year. The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket 2333-XL M12 RealTree AP. You’ll get 6 hours of heat to your back, chest, and pockets. It even has a USB port to charge your […]

Grass Awns And Foxtail Prevention For Dogs – OutFox Field Guard

Foxtails and Grass Awns are a dog owners worst nightmare – especially if they make it into a lung. As hunters our dogs are sometimes put in situations where a lot of those plants exist. I found a pretty awesome product called the OutFox Field Guard. It’s basically some netting that slips over your dogs […]

Ideas For Setting Up A Notary Website

Are you a notary? Looking for ideas on what to include on your notary website? Here’s a list of the brainstorming I did when working on mine. Name address phone number – office – cell fax are you mobile only or do you have an office as well commission number commission expiration date Your picture […]

I am the 99% – Who bought the New Iphone 5 Today

Mooo Mooooo – Baaaa Baaa – I feel like a piece of cattle right now. Moving down the ever decreasing walkway. Just waiting for my turn to… So yea I bought the new Iphone 5 today along with the other million people. I cruised by the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton early this morning to find […]

Mullins Farms Owner Craig Mullins in New York Times Discussing Agritourism At A Workshop In Salinas, Calif

Just wanted to throw up a quick picture that appeared in the New York Times at a workshop in Salinas, Calif where we were discussing agritourism. Be sure to read the article titled “Small U.S. Farms Find Profit in Tourism“. And of course here is a picture of myself, Nita Gizdich and a few other participants. […]

Live Burning Man Web Cam feeds – See What You are Missing!

So many of you know I really love Burning man. So for those that didn’t go this year, myself included, here’s a live Burning Man Web cam feed for your viewing pleasure.   If you happen to know of any more live feeds PLEASE post them here.

I Donated Blood Via The American Red Cross Today

So one of my friends and business associates Tom Petty of Livermore, CA (no not the rock star Tom Petty) has been posting a blood drive event every couple months now for a long time on Facebook. I kept seeing the postings and just figured I wasn’t eligible because of the medication I am on. […]

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome In California – Symptoms Treatment And Prevention

UPDATE: Your best and first source of info should always be the following: Calaveras County Public Health Department Colleen A. Tracy, MPH, Acting Public Health Director Dean M. Kelaita, MD, Local Health Officer Phone: (209) 754-6460 Fax: (209) 754-1709 CD Reporting: (209) 754-4691 Office Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday thru Friday Mailing Address Physical Address […]

How To Put Apple Iphone Into Cellular Phone Field Test Mode

Want to know how to put your Apple Iphone into field test mode to look at all the special goodies? I needed to do it to get info on two parameters. What network frequency I was running on at my farm and how much signal power I was getting at a certain location to find […]

Algae Turf Scrubbers – How To Remove Algae

Update 03/22/12 The system has been updated. Go to this page and look at post 28: Foreword In the past 6 months, there have been several basic changes to the core concept of the Algae Scrubber, and these changes resulted in many people experiencing better growth and more effective filtration. By far the biggest […]

Exede by ViaSat Satellite Internet Services – Reviews and Complaints

The new Exede by ViaSat Satellite Internet Services has finally been giving the green light and now we can purchase the service! The connection speed has improved and users are allowed more bandwidth now. This is exciting news for those who don’t currently have access to internet services. However, if you’re a heavy internet user […]

How To Install A Cell Phone Repeater or Picocell Tower and Amplifer For Better Rural Cell Phone Coverage

I’d love to hear people who have set up a cell phone repeater or Picocell on their property with or without an additional amplifier to get better cell phone coverage. We haven’t done it yet so if you have any tips and suggestions we’d love to hear them. Things like install tips, best equipment to […]

How To Increase Cell Phone Coverage With a Femtocell or Microcell

I’m always looking for ways to get better cell phone coverage in my rural area of Burson, CA and Valley Springs. People have suggested I get a microcell or femtocell. Here’s why it won’t work for me, but for others it might be a great solution. A microcell uses your home internet connection. Right now […]

Just Took My California Notary Test With The The National Notary Association

So me and my sister, Lori, just took our California Notary Test with the National Notary Association. The training was pretty good. When you first get to class they take your picture, fingerprints and do a DOJ and FBI background check on you. Then you get 6 hours of education and lastly you take the […]

How To Get FREE Digital (OTA) Over The Air HD TV And Choose The Best Antenna

Since we are living in a rural area, we don’t have access to normal TV choices like Comcast or AT&T. Our only real option is a satellite service like Direct TV or Dish Network. We don’t watch much TV (we work all the time), so decided on just setting up an Antenna and having one […]

July 20th Is National Ugly Truck Day

On July 20th of each year, folks all across the country gather to celebrate a treasure of America – ugly trucks. Since there doesn’t seem to be an actual origin of the holiday, and no real written information, it’s hard to know exactly how to observe the day. However, if I had to guess, I […]

July 15th Is National Ice Cream Day

Something very special happens on the third Sunday in July each year – National Ice Cream Day! Established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, as part of National Ice Cream Month, National Ice Cream Day is dedicated to the ice cream lover in all of us. And what better way to celebrate the day than […]

July 15th-21st Is National Rabbit Week

Hey all you rabbit fans! It’s National Rabbit Week! Intended to promote responsible rabbit ownership, as well as celebrate the overall cuteness of our long-eared friends, National Rabbit Week is the perfect excuse to learn something new about the little hoppers. If you are considering the addition of a rabbit to your family, the most […]

Hitch-N-Ditch Cheap Trencher That Hooks To Your Car/Truck Trailer Hitch

I thought the Hitch-N-Ditch was a pretty sweet product and the price is not bad either at $285.00 plus shipping. That’s probably around what your going to pay to rent a gas powered trencher for the day. It also has a lifetime warranty. You can use it to put in underground wiring or run conduit/PVC […]

I’m Farming and I Grow It Song Parody

A parody music video promoting agriculture! If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends! No copyright infringement of original song intended. Become a fan of our new facebook page: Follow Greg Peterson on Twitter @gregpeterson33 Greg Peterson Music Fan Page: Lyrics: When I’m up at seven, the sunrise gives me […]

Lending Club – Reviews Scams Complaints Strategy – What’s Your Take On It?

So I was reading the latest edition (June 25, 2012) of Forbes magazine today. I bought it for the article “81 new ways to get rich from do-it-yourself funds to legal tax dodges, the ultimate battle plan for your cash”.  One article on page 172 by Chris Barth caught my eye entitled “Lend The Neighbor […]

Awesome Irish San Francisco Movers – Irish Times Moving In SF

If you live in or around the California Bay Area and are looking for San Francisco movers, look no further. Since 1995, Martin O’Neill and his team of bay area movers at Irish Times Moving have put the concerns and feelings of their clients first; placing great importance on the well being of their client’s […]

Burning Man Propane Poofer Fire / Flame Effects

So I recently took a class at The Crucible on Flame Effects for Art. It teaches you how to safely make different types of flame and fire effects with propane along with using accumulators to make the Poofer effects people (like the Flaming Lotus Girls) bring to Burning Man. Here’s a quick description of the […]

July 8th-14th Is National Farriers Week

National Farriers Week, which occurs during the second week of July each year, was created in 1999 by American Farriers Journal as a special way for the equine community to pay respect to a very important group of hoof care professionals and recognize the contributions they make to the horse world. “Being a farrier goes […]

July 8th Is National Barn Day

Falling on the second Sunday of July each year, National Barn Day is a time for folks across the country to celebrate an iconic symbol of America, and perhaps more importantly, the American farming community. A farm is not a farm without a barn, if you ask me. As the main structures of farms, barns […]

July 4th Is National Barbecue Day

In addition to celebrating Independence Day on July 4th, the day also has the honor of being National Barbecue Day. Like so many other food holidays, the origin of National Barbecue Day is a tough one to nail down. My assumption is that the day was an attempt by food companies to drum up extra […]

July 4th Is Independence Day

In the United States of America, July 4th is the day the country celebrates its hard-fought Independence from England, which first occurred in 1776. It is a federal holiday, which means all government and financial institutions, like post offices and banks, are closed for the day. This year, the Fourth of July falls on a […]

July 1st Is Build A Scarecrow Day

Scarecrows aren’t just for Halloween. In fact, scarecrows aren’t even really for the autumn months at all. It may not seem like it on the surface, but July 1st is the perfect time for Build a Scarecrow Day. Most field crops grow during the summer months, thus creating a need for the scarecrow during that […]

Hank Williams, Jr. Is Coming To Ironstone Amphitheatre In Murphys California on June 30th 2012

The Ironstone Amphitheatre 2012 Summer Concert Season is here! On Saturday, June 30, 2012 Ironstone Amphitheatre in Murphys, California will welcome Hank Williams, Jr. with special guest Elvin Bishop. The show starts at 7:30pm, with doors to the venue opening to the general public an hour before. Tickets for the Hank Williams, Jr. show at […]

June 30th Is Great American Picnic Day

Ten days after the First Day of Summer is a day devoted to one of summer’s most enjoyed activities – the picnic. Great American Picnic Day is on June 30th of each year and is a day to celebrate the family-friendly experience of eating outdoors. …ideally taking place in a beautiful landscape such as a […]

June 25th Is National Log Cabin Day

“There are elements of intrinsic beauty in the simplification of a house built on the log cabin idea.” – Gustav Stickley, Furniture Designer When log cabins are mentioned, most of think of America’s frontier days, when daily life was far more rough and rugged than it is today, but a whole lot more simple and […]

June 25th Is National Catfish Day

If you’re a big fan of catfish like we are at Mullins Farms, and are super excited about National Catfish Day, you have President Ronald Reagan to thank. In 1987 President Reagan issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring June 25th to forever be National Catfish Day – a day to celebrate the value of farm-raised catfish. […]

June 24th-30th Is Take Your Pet To Work Week

The week after Take Your Dog To Work Day is Take Your Pet To Work Week – a whole week dedicated to bringing not just your dog to work, but your other animals as well! As with Take Your Dog To Work Day, the brainchild behind Take Your Pet To Work Week is Pet Sitter […]

June 24th-30th Is National Camping Week

My love for camping began as a child and has remained for over three decades. I’ve camped during every season at one point in my life or another, but enjoy summer camping most of all. There’s just something about the smell of pine in the morning and the coolness of river water on the really […]

June 22nd Is Take Your Dog To Work Day

Since I work from home, every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day; but for the rest of you, it’s June 22nd. Take Your Dog To Work Day was created by Pet Sitter International as a way to give back to the pet community and was first observed in 1999 to “celebrate the great […]

June 20th Is The First Day Of Summer

In the northern hemisphere, the first day of summer is the one day of the year when the Sun is farthest north; it’s known and the Summer Solstice and has more hours of daylight than any other day – about 14 ½ in the U.S. Fact: The word solstice comes from the Latin sol, meaning […]

June 18th Is National Go Fishing Day

As with so many of the fun holidays I’ve written about, there seems to be no clear origin of National Fishing Day. But no matter – because any excuse to fish is a good excuse, right? The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series […]

June 17th Is National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Incorporating vegetables into your daily diet is essential to your health and longevity, so it’s no surprise that there is a National Eat Your Vegetables Day. It’s the perfect day to try a new vegetable or vegetable-heavy recipe and learn more about the positive effect vegetables have on your physical wellbeing. There are a variety […]

June 17th Is Fathers Day

Believe it or not, the history of Father’s Day is a vast and fairly confusing one; and apparently a bit of resistance from our male-dominated Congress. According to record, it all started on July 5, 1908 when West Virginia church member Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton organized a Father’s Day event through her church’s Sunday sermon, […]

June 14th Is Pig Callers Day

Occurring on June 14th each year, Pig Caller’s Day is often celebrated through community pig calling contests and state championships. Pig Callers Day is devoted to honoring the pig callers of the world, like Roxanne, who is affectionately known as the “pig lady.” She collects pigs and is also a world-champion hog caller. Roxanne has […]

June 14th Is Flag Day

In the month of July the United States celebrates their Independence, but twenty days before, on June 14th, they pay homage to their country’s flag with Flag Day. Although not an official federal holiday (meaning banks and post offices are not closed), most states across the country commemorate the day in one way or another. […]

June 13th Is National Weed Your Garden Day

June seems to be a very popular month for gardening holidays, as this is the third such post I’ve written in the past few days – June 3rd-9th Is National Garden Week and June 6th Is National Gardening Exercise Day being the first two. It may not seem like it on the surface, but National […]

June 6th Is National Gardening Exercise Day

It’s hard to argue that gardening doesn’t have positive affects on your health and overall wellbeing. Proven over and over to be beneficial on many levels, gardening is an easy and gentle way to help you stay as healthy as you can be. National Gardening Exercise Day is a perfect day to burn a few […]

June 5th Is World Environment Day

With the goal of “being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action,” World Environment Day is an annual event held on June 5th of each year. A result of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held from June 5th thru 16th, 1972, the first World Environment Day was […]

Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder Binocular 12 x 50 Reviews

The Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder Binocular has been getting a lot of press lately and for good reason; it’s pretty awesome for the price and you get binoculars and a rangefinder in one unit. That’s one less thing to lug around and fumble with on a fast paced hunt! Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC […]

WildBlue Communications Satellite Internet Services – Reviews and Complaints

WildBlue Communications Satellite Internet Services have been around for quite a while. For those living in a rural area like where Mullins Farms is located, WildBlue is one of only a handful of options we have for internet access & TV. Here’s a brief summary of what you get with the WILDBLUE PRO PLUS $49.99: […]

June 3rd Is National Egg Day

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Oh, who cares! June 3rd is National Egg Day and that’s all that matters. Did you know that eggs have been consumed by humans since the beginning of human life? While there are accounts of ancient civilizations in Britain, China, Germany, and Rome domesticating female birds for […]

June 3rd-9th Is National Garden Week

National Garden Week is the wonderful brainchild of National Garden Clubs, Inc. During the first week of June, National Garden Clubs, Inc. encourages us to celebrate the joy of gardening along with our community members and local garden club. Some possible celebration ideas for you garden club from National Garden Clubs, Inc (NGC) include: – […]

June 2nd is Heirloom Seeds Day

June 2nd is Heirloom Seeds Day, a day to celebrate and honor the beauty and history of heirloom seeds. Simply put, heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, meaning that if properly saved, they will produce the same variety year after year. Hybrid seeds, in contrast, either won’t grow or will revert back to the parent plants. For […]

May 28th Is Memorial Day

Simply put, Memorial Day is a day at the end of May when Americans commemorate and celebrate the country’s fallen military heroes. While it may seem these days that Memorial Day is more about clothing sales, there is actually a noble history behind hit. Once known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day originated after the American […]

May 24th Is Asparagus Day

Spring is in full force and the summer months are on their way – time to enjoy some asparagus! May 24th is Asparagus, a perfect day to get out your favorite asparagus recipes. Asparagus is great for you, containing folic acid, potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin; it’s also low in […]

May 20th Is Pick Strawberries Day

Pick Strawberries Day falls on a Sunday this year, making it a perfect day for a little quality time with your family in nature. As with many of the fun food holidays, I cannot find much of an origin or history of the day. My guess is that May 20th is an arbitrary date that […]

May 20th-26th Is Dog Bite Prevention Week

As I mentioned in my National Pet Week post, owning a pet comes with great responsibilities. Dog Bite Prevention Week is devoted to one of the more important of those responsibilities: avoiding dog bites. Proper dog training and socializing starts at home, but even those who do not own dogs should have the knowledge and […]

May 19th Is Plant Something Day

While it’s on the calendar as a special day, the most I can seem to find online about Plant Something Day is a bunch of links for online greeting cards. But that doesn’t matter, because any excuse to plant something and add a touch of lively color to the world is a good excuse! Since […]

May 19th Is National Bake Sale Day

Try as I might, I just cannot find a history about National Bake Sale Day. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s a fun holiday nonetheless and deserves a day in the spotlight. According to what I can find, National Bake Sale Day falls on May 19th of each year and the encouraged way to celebrate […]

May 14th Is National Dance Like A Chicken Day

This holiday is for a special group of people – those who love to do the Chicken Dance! There seems to be no rhyme or reason that I can find as to why National Dance Like A Chicken Day is on May 14th. But does it really matter? It’s a day to dance like a […]

May 13th Is Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day in the United States falls on May 13th. Always the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to honor mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general, as well as the positive contributions mothers make to society. The history of Mother’s Day is long and vast; with […]

May 12th Is International Migratory Bird Day

Observed across country lines, International Migratory Bird Day is devoted to celebrating and bringing attention to one of the most important animal events in the Americas – bird migration. International Migratory Bird Day occurs twice a year – on the second Saturday in May in the United States and Canada, and in October in Mexico, […]

May 6th-12th Is International Compost Awareness Week

Held each year during the first full week of May, International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative to come from the compost industry. The week-long celebration is a multi-media publicity and education event meant to showcase composting and compost products, through large scale commercial composting as well as composting […]

May 6th-12th Is National Pet Week

Widely celebrated throughout the United States from May 6th to May 12th, National Pet Week is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, while honoring the human-animal bond, and supporting the public’s awareness of veterinary medicine. There are many great responsibilities that come with pet ownership, perhaps the most important of which is having a good […]

May 5th-13th Is National Travel And Tourism Week

Falling on the first full week of May each year, the 2012 National Travel and Tourism Week is from May 5th to May 13th this year. First celebrated in 1984, National Travel and Tourism Week involve events at the local, state, and national level, all promoting the travel business. It was established as National Tourism […]

May 5th Is Cinco de Mayo

Spanish for “fifth of May”, Cinco de Mayo is a held on May 5th of each year and is celebrated by thousands of people throughout the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla. In America the day is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, commemorating freedom and democracy during […]

May 1st Is May Day

Dating back to ancient times, May Day is a traditional spring holiday festival for many cultures of the northern hemisphere, always held on May 1st. The earliest known May Day celebrations occurred pre-Christianity, with the pagan festival of Flora (the Roman goddess of flowers). The May Day holiday is related to the Celtic festival of […]

April 28th Is Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day is the brainchild of the Save The Frogs organization, which was founded by Ecologist Dr. Kerry Kriger in May 2008, and is the world’s largest day of amphibian education and conservation. Save The Frogs is the first, and only, public charity dedicated solely to protecting members of amphibian species – caecilians, […]

April 27th Is Arbor Day

From the Latin “arbor”, meaning “tree”, the Arbor Day holiday is observed across the country by individuals and groups who honor the day by planting and caring for trees. Believe it or not, Arbor Day in America dates back to 1872. The brain child of Julius Sterling Morton, who was President Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of […]

April 23rd Is National Picnic Day

Today is National Picnic Day! Get out your baskets and blankets; grab a couple sandwiches, a bottle of wine or two and enjoy your meal outdoors! pic•nic [pik-nik]; noun 1. an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air. 2. the food eaten on […]

April 22nd Is Earth Day

On April 22nd of each year, people of the world come together to celebrate and honor the biggest and most important thing we have in common – the Earth. Credit for establishing the holiday is often given to John McConnell, who allegedly came up with the concept at the 1969 UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. […]

April 20th Is Lima Bean Respect Day

While many people across the world may be celebrating a different holiday this April 20th, here at Mullins Farms, we’ll be all about lima beans that day. In case you’re not aware, April 20, 2012 is Lima Bean Respect Day. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the lima bean, but I can certainly respect […]

April 19th Is National Garlic Day

I recently had some issues with food allergies and for a day or two thought I might be allergic to garlic. Those few days that I stayed away from it were some of the hardest in my life. Not only do I love garlic and enjoy eating it, but garlic is found in many items […]

Valley Springs Web Site Hosting in Valley Springs California

Looking for a reliable web host in the Valley Springs, CA area? For shared hosting I recommend Hostgator. They are a good host to begin with and they can also grow with you. If you use the code MullinsFarms when ordering Hostgator’s services, you’ll receive a coupon for $9.94 off. Currently, Hostgator has hosting plans […]

National Glamping Weekend June 2 – 3 Glamour Camping

Personally, I love camping in the dirt. I love the tent on the ground, the smell of pine and smoke on everything, the cooking over fire, the trekking to a bathroom in the middle of the night – all of it. Others, however, need a few more creature comforts than that, requiring such things as […]

Just Joined Pinterest – Follow me

Just joined Pinterest.  It’s got some pretty amazing pictures. I made a glamping board as well as a Mullins Farms board. Make sure to follow me. :) You can also see all my pins here. Lot’s of people have been saying good things about it, so I’m excited to play around.

April 14th Is National Pecan Day

It may be the Southern blood in me, but I never pass up the chance to have a slice of pecan pie. Never. Baking a pecan pie, however, is a different story. I make a mean cupcake, but pies, not so much. April 14th is National Pecan Day, a day to celebrate the great pecan […]

April 8th Is Easter

According to the Canonical gospels, on the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion, the son of God rose from the dead. This resurrection is celebrated by Christians on Easter Sunday (also referred to as Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday). The Easter holiday is a central part of the Christian religion. Much of the Christian faith is […]