January 5th Is National Bird Day

Established by bird activists to bring attention to the plight of birds in captivity, National Bird Day is celebrated annually on the 5th day of January. The day was created in an effort to reflect upon the conditions of captive birds and spotlight the exploitation of birds in the United States pet industry.

National Bird Day is recognized and celebrated by over a half million Americans each year in a variety of ways – from birdwatching and bird crafts to learning a bird poem or reading a bird-themed book.

January 5th is the day for you to learn all you wanted to know about birds!!

Some things to think about on National Bird Day this year:

– Birds are a sentinel species, meaning their hardships serve as a barometer of our overall ecosystem health and serve as an alert system for impending global environmental perils.

– Nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next one hundred years. This would wipe out one-third of the world’s 330 parrot species.

– The threat of extension against many of the world’s songbirds and parrots is due to habitat loss, disease, and pressures from the illegal pet trade.

– Worldwide awareness and knowledge about the behavioral and physical needs of birds is a vital ingredient to improving the welfare of the millions of birds that are kept in captivity.

– The survival of the world’s birds depends on the educating the public and gaining support for conservation.

Involve and educate children about National Bird Day by celebrating with family-friendly activities like printing out a National Bird Day Coloring Page from NationalBirdDay.com and making it a piece of art. For something slightly more difficult, perhaps creating a fun bird-themed Word Search is more your style; or maybe crafts like making a bird house or bird bath strikes your fancy.

You can easily get the word out about National Bird Day at your place of business with a National Bird Day poster from NationalBirdDay.com.

Help your neighborhood birds even when it’s not National Bird Day and do what you can to help preserve their lives.

Start with your windows…..

Did you know that up to 1 billion birds are killed in North America each year as a result of colliding with windows? While some birds die on impact, other are stunned but able to fly away, but later die due to internal hemorrhaging and brain swelling; or because their injury caused disorientation and made them an easy target for predators.

We all like clean and clear windows, but they can be killers to birds!

The National Bird Day website has a helpful list of ‘10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Bird vs. Window Collisions’ and I have included some below. Click HERE for NationalBirdDay.com’s full list with complete details.

– Use firm exterior window “bug” screens and leave them on your windows year-round.
– Install external sun shades or awnings.
– Paint patterns on the outsides of windows with soap or tempera paint.
– Keep drapes and blinds closed whenever possible.
– Create movement that can help birds avoid windows.
– Strategically place bird feeders and birdbaths around the outside of your home.
– If possible when installing new windows, angle the glass downward.

The Red Bird
by Evaleen Stein

Swept lightly by the south wind
The elm-leaves softly stirred,
And in their pale green clusters
There straightway bloomed a bird!
His glossy feathers glistened
With dyes as richly red
As any tulip flaming
From out the garden bed.
But ah, unlike the tulips,
In joyous strain, ere long,
This red-bird flower unfolded
A heart of golden song!


National Bird Day - January 5th

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