March 17th Is National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day was created by the National Quilting Association through the passing of a resolution during the 22nd Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska in June 1991. While the third Saturday of March has been officially designated as National Quilt Day, quilters often spend the whole month each year celebrating the history and beauty of handmade quilts from around the world.

Facts About Quilts and Quilting:

– Usually intended as a bed cover, quilts are traditionally made using three layers of fiber; a woven back, a layer of batting, and a woven top cloth.

– A quilt differs from a blanket in that it’s not a single piece of fabric, but rather is created using several pieces of cloth.

– The term “quilting” refers to the technique of joining together at least two fabric layers with stitching or ties.

– While a quilt can be made from numerous fabrics, modern quilts are most often light weight cotton.

– Quilting has historically been a communal activity involving girls and women of the community.

As a way for quilt makers to come together in unity and celebration, the National Quilting Association has chosen “an Ohio star with a simple Mariner’s Compass center designed by Martha Ethridge” as the official pattern for National Quilting Day 2012. Quilters are encouraged to join with their quilting group or guild in the making of this particular quilt.

Our colors blend with those of Rebecca Barker’s poster used for the 43rd Annual NQA Quilt Show. You should be creative with color combinations used to build your own Pointing the Way quilt. Then share your quilt and tell us about it. Mariner’s Compasses were used to guide sailors and it is possibly one of the earliest named quilt designs in America. So make your compass star and share it with others. Even the annual show in June is featuring Mariner’s Compass quilts this year. [source]

Download your own “Pointing the Way” quilt pattern HERE, courtesy of the National Quilting Association.

The National Quilting Association also has several suggestions on how to honor National Quilters Day through community service and acts of kindness. Share the warmth of a homemade quilt with those in need!

– Make it a service day and work on a quilt for your favorite cause — national projects such as ABC Quilts, Project Linus, or one of the great ones for the troops.

– Check with police and fire departments, children’s services, nursing or rehabilitation facilities, local hospitals, shelters, and churches to see if they have a need for quilts.

– Support your local military veterans and offer lap quilts to soldiers confined to their beds or wheelchairs.

– If a military facility is nearby, contact the social services there to see where to give quilts or how to send to soldiers or their families.

Happy National Quilting Day! How are you going to celebrate?

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