A Visit To Soul Food Farms With Alexis Koefoed in Vacaville, CA

Just wanted to post a few pictures I took of the 55 acres of certified organic pasture at Soul Food Farms. I was at a NCAT National Center For Appropriate Technology educational event on the farm about raising pastured chickens for eggs and meat. If your interesting in buying either you can get more info here.

Alexis and Eric Koefoed
6046 Pleasants Valley Road, Vacaville, CA 95688
Cell: (707) 365-1798


Alexis Koefoed

olive tree orchard

olive tree orchard


lavender for essential oil distillation

test plot of lavender for essential oil distillation

pastured poultry

The ladies searching for some good grub.

barnyard cat

No farms complete without a few barnyard cats to keep the rodent populations at bay.

pastured chickens

A hawk was looking to eat a chicken. As he was diving down, another chicken alerted the others and they ran for cover. The hawk went hungry today. 🙂

chicken food

“Hmmm… I wonder if the PVC irrigation pipe will taste good.”

slaughtered chicken

Yes chickens are born with heads and feet – and that’s how they come packaged at Soul Food Farms. They don’t grow in a petri dish in the back parking lot of a safeway; as some kids in school think now. These were once a living and breathing animal.

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