A Visit to Say Hay Farms With Chris Hay In Woodland California

Just wanted to post a few pictures I took of the 8 acres of certified organic pasture at Say Hay Farms in Woodland, CA. I was at a NCAT National Center For Appropriate Technology educational event on the farm about raising pastured chickens for eggs and meat with produce. If your interesting in buying eggs or produce from Chris Hay here’s the farm info:

Say Hay Farms in Woodland California


Say Hay Farms
34743 County Road 22
Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: (510) 847-0815
Fax: (866) 859-5603


If your interested in becoming a member of their CSA more info can be found here.

Here’s more info taken from their website:

“We promote soil, animal, and plant health by rotating our crops around our pasture system. Our hens cruise our pastures in their custom-designed mobile homes, foraging on pasture grass and eating organic feedstock supplemented with live ferments, botanicals, and flaxseed. Our organic crops are fertilized by our team of hens and resident horses as well as compost teas. We are in the process of planting hedgerows around the borders of every pasture to provide year-round blooms and permanent native habitat for beneficial organisms on the farm. Our farm is certified organic by C.C.O.F.”

Be sure to check out his Picasa page with TONS of pictures from the farm.



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