Valley Springs Well Water Testing And Analysis By Aqualab Water Analysis In Twain Harte, CA

Just wanted to do a quick post about Aqualab Water Analysis In Twain Harte, CA.

As some of the blog readers know we recently bought a new place in Burson, CA, a quaint little area of Valley Springs, CA.

It’s a great piece of property, but unfortunately had some issues with the well; we’ve been aware from the beginning that we would need to get our well fixed and have the water tested.

Our main point of contact at the Aqualab Water Analysis office in Twain Harte, CA has been Cathy; she’s been very helpful teaching us all about the different tests that can be performed, and what sort of results are required to indicate the well water is safe to drink.

We recently did a bacteria or Coliform test on our well, which is the first test that should be conducted to determine whether or not the water is suitable.

Today we found out that our Coliform test came back clean – they found nothing harmful in our water at all. It was great news to hear, and a huge relief!

So far we’ve only done the one Bacteriological test; it checks for things like Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, E. Coli, etc. Cathy said the price was normally $50.00, but to call for the latest prices. Since we didn’t have to do other tests because no Coliform was found in our water, we ended up paying just $40.00.

Just to be safe, we will of course run a few more water quality tests before we hook up the well completely. We’ll keep you posted on that fun!

This first water testing process was a breeze and we wanted to be sure to give a big thumbs up to Cathy and the others at Aqualab Water Analysis In Twain Harte, CA; they were knowledgeable and great to deal with.

Below is the contact info for those interested in the services of Aqualab Water Analysis In Twain Harte, CA.

Start by calling and asking them to mail you their sterile bottles and required paperwork (you can also ask your local well repair contact for the bottles). Use the bottles to collect the well water you’re testing, and fill out the forms. Be sure to keep your water samples on ice while you drive to the lab and be sure to get them to Aqualab within 24 hours; preferably sooner.

The best days to drop your samples off at the lab are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; the morning is the best time, so they have the time to process the results quickly.

Phone: (209) 586-3400
Fax (209) 586-1492

Lab Address:
Aqualab Water Analysis
18843 Fir Dr
Twain Harte, CA 95383

Mailing Address:
Aqualab Water Analysis In Twain Harte, CA – State Certification # 1359
P.O. Box 356
Twain Harte CA 95383

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