Burning Man Propane Poofer Fire / Flame Effects

So I recently took a class at The Crucible on Flame Effects for Art. It teaches you how to safely make different types of flame and fire effects with propane along with using accumulators to make the Poofer effects people (like the Flaming Lotus Girls) bring to Burning Man.

Here’s a quick description of the class directly from their website:

“In this hands-on class you will learn how to make safe, effective and beautiful propane flame effects art. You will learn many different ways of manipulating fire in sculpture including accumulator “poofer” effects, plumbing, ignitors, fuels, colorants, and actuators including electronic controls. We will design and build flame effects sculptures in class and get hands-on, flame-on experience with the sculptures created. Possible projects include a bucolic sand fire pit, giant “thumper”, and other creations. Personal projects welcome. Students that build their own flame effect devices to take home will have additional materials expenses.”

I’ve been wanting to take this class for quite a while, but paying the $400 bucks seemed a lil pricey; especially  since it says you have to pay more money if you build a project in the class.

That ended up not being true. Each class member was able to build a project in the class and take it home for the class fee listed on their site. So I was pretty happy at the end of the class.  I felt the 2 day class was well worth it.  The instructor Lee Sonko had a wealth of knowledge to pass along and is willing to help by phone and email after class is over. If you are interested in learning more, I’d certainly call the Crucible and get some more information.

Here’s one of my propane poofers I made in action! :) I also created a Burning Man Poofer Flame Effects Facebook page if you want to post pictures of your poofers or have questions.


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