Friendly Aquaponics Reviews – Susanne Friend and Tim Mann

Susanne Friend and Tim Mann who are married own Friendly Aquaponics. They built their first system in 2007 of of the UVI design. They have the World Tribe brand name for the organic lettuce mix that they sell to Costco in Hawaii.

In October 2008 we produced our first “Commercial Aquaponics Training”.

They have some coo do it yourself designs.

Their back issues of newsletters have some great info. Def worth a read.

Friendly Aquaponics Reviews

Check out their facebook page.

They also have some free plans like:

Plywood Tank Construction Manual

How To Raise Prawns in an Aquaponic System!

Diseases, Deficiencies, and Toxicities In Plants

How To Start Up Your Aquaponic System (And How NOT To Start Up Your Aquaponic System!)

Biosecurity in Aquaponic Systems

Claim to have the the world’s first USDA Organic Certification Of Aquaponics Systems; certified by Oregon Tilth ( on the web) and Organic Certifiers ( on the web)

Susanne Friend and Tim Mann

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