Ideas For Setting Up A Notary Website

Are you a notary? Looking for ideas on what to include on your notary website? Here’s a list of the brainstorming I did when working on mine.



phone number – office – cell


are you mobile only or do you have an office as well

commission number

commission expiration date

Your picture

Fees per signature

fees for mobile services – flat rate or by mile

licensed, bonded, insured, background checked.

What ares do you cover

Contact form – What field do you need? Name, address, phone number, notes, type of notary needed, date needed, etc

social media icons – facebook, twitter, yelp, youtube

Not an attorney disclaimer – Can’t give legal advice

If you are a member of certain organizations – National notary association

how many years in business or notarization’s performed


What are acceptable forms of identification

Have more ideas? Please put it in the comments below!


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