Just Took My California Notary Test With The The National Notary Association

So me and my sister, Lori, just took our California Notary Test with the National Notary Association. The training was pretty good. When you first get to class they take your picture, fingerprints and do a DOJ and FBI background check on you. Then you get 6 hours of education and lastly you take the California State Notary Test. Pretty sweet since you do everything in one day. Their is still a couple things I’m a little bit unclear on so will have to call them to get some clarification. They have a notary hotline to call if you have issues that’s part of your membership so that’s a bit of a bonus.

I’m anxious to know how I did. The test proctor said we have to wait 15 days before we get the results from the secretary of state  to see if we passed.

California Notary

If you want to find out how to become a California Notary click the link. 🙂

National Notary Association

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