How To Market Your Mobile Notary Public Business In California

Looking to start up a new mobile notary public business in California or anywhere for that matter. Here’s a few tip on how/where to market your business. This is going to be a work in progress, so please comment and leave your best tips on where to get new business.

Before doing anything you need to do some keyword research and find out what people are searching for to find a notary online. The Google Keyword Tool is a great place to start and it’s free.

Online Stuff

  • Get your own personal website. They have free options like or you can host it yourself with the self hosted version at If you need hosting, I can set you up on my server. If you need help setting up a blog, I can help with that as well. Contact me and we can chat.
  • Set up a Facebook profile. Super quick and easy.
  • Set up a twitter account
  • Set up a YouTube account and make a couple movies; it’s easier then you think. Check out a site like fiver where people will make one for you for 5 bucks, or I can make you one.
  • Set up a local account on Google & Bing/Yahoo
  • Set up a Yelp account (If your at the top of Yelp you should get quite a few calls, esp if you are in a large city)
  • What else?

Traditional Stuff

  • Contact banks
  • attorneys
  • real estate agents
  • What else?

Keep the ideas coming!

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