Where To Get Internet in Valley Springs CA and Burson CA

With country living comes hit or miss internet service, especially if you live in one of Calaveras County’s rural areas, like Valley Springs or Burson.

If you have a land-line at home, a simple dialup internet connection will work on almost any home phone line.

Dialup Providers:

Phone: (800) 456-3118
Email: Support@BasicISP.net

Phone: (888) 336-3318
Email: support@copper.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Copper.net

Phone: (800) 879-5866

Phone: (888) 349-0029

Turbo USA
Phone: (800) 918-8726
Email: sales@turbousa.com

Satellite Internet:

WildBlue – This is probably the worst choice of the bunch. They have a pretty restrictive fair use policy and once you go over you allotment for the month your service is almost unusable.
Phone: (888) 549-7992

WildBlue Recovery Act Program – If you are rural you get a discount on service and installation.

HughesNet – A better choice. Their fair use policy goes day by day instead of every 30 days like WildBlue, so at least if you go over your allotment for the day, tomorrow you are back up to normal speeds.
Phone: (800) 428-9570
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HughesNet/169873846363523

Hughes Net Recovery Eligibility Form

Part of the Recovery Act is giving discounts to certain households in rural areas, so that is definitely something you want to look into. It usually includes free equipment, free installation and a little off your bill.

Each provider’s Recovery Act terms and conditions are different, so be sure to compare and contrasts before you make a decision.

BroadSkyNetworks – This one looks pretty good if you don’t mind the price. They give you quite a bit of monthly bandwidth, at least compared to the other satellite companies. Starts at 12 gigs goes all the way up to 38 gigs a month.
Phone: (877) 291-9575
Email: Sales@Broadskynetworks.net

Something to keep in mind when thinking about satellite internet service……

Your signal travels through the air at the speed of sound, so it takes a while for your web page request to go from you computer to the satellite and then back down again to your computer; meaning, for example, that even if you get a super fast 20-megabits-per-second connection like Comcast offers, you’ll still have roughly a 1 – 2 second wait time between each and every web page request.

Another thing to remember is most satellite connections are not ideal for internet gaming or voice over IP phone service because of the long (2 second) delay.

High-Speed Internet Service Providers:

Phone: (800) 266-2278

Phone: (888) 313-9850
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ATT

Volcano Communications
Phone: (888) 9VOLCANO
Email: service@volcano.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Volcano-Communications-Group/298300083880

Gold Rush World Access – They offer DSL as well as a wireless Point To Point service

301 South Shepherd
Street Sonora, CA 95370
If you need assistance, please call
209-736-0111 or 209-536-5800

Using Your Cell Phone:

Using your cell phone to connect to the internet might be a great option. You get pretty good speed and a fast connection. The only downside to using a cell phone is most providers only give you 5 – 10 gigs of traffic a month, and if you go over that allotment you could end up with a couple thousand dollar phone bill. But as long as you track your usage you should be fine.

Watching a lot of movies on a service like Netflix or downloading a bunch is generally where you get into trouble with overage. Your current internet service provider should have a record of your usage; look to them for a idea of how much you’re really using.

Check out my other post about cell phone coverage in the Burson & Valley springs area. I have coverage maps for both voice and data for the main cell phone companies in the area.

Cell Phone Coverage Maps For Valley Springs – What Cell Service Works In Valley Springs

Have I missed any? Do you now, or have you ever, used any of the companies I mentioned for your internet in Valley Springs? We would love to hear from you!!

where to get internet in valley springs ca and burson ca

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