WildBlue Communications Satellite Internet Services – Reviews and Complaints

WildBlue Communications Satellite Internet Services have been around for quite a while. For those living in a rural area like where Mullins Farms is located, WildBlue is one of only a handful of options we have for internet access & TV.

Here’s a brief summary of what you get with the WILDBLUE PRO PLUS $49.99:

– Wildblue is available pretty much everywhere throughout the United States.
– Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Care: 1-866-WildBlue (945-3258) (toll free).
– You must sign a 24 month contract. If you cancel early, there is a fee of $15.00 per month for each month left on your contract.
1.5 Mbps Download speed
– Ability to download 17,000 MB per month
256 Kbps upload speed
– Ability to upload 5,000 MB per month
– Free standard installation
– One-time shipping and handling fee for equipment in the amount of $24.95
– 2 options for equipment lease fees: Prepay $99.95 and save over $40 or pay $5.95 per month.

Other Items of Note:

– You will need a clear view of the southern sky to receive a signal from the WildBlue satellite.
– Service can be slower during rain or snow and sometimes you will get no service at all.
– If you go over your 17,000 MB before the end of your billing cycle they may shut off your service completely or make it super slow.
– WildBlue does not support VOIP or Gaming online.

At his time I cannot recommend Wildblue Communications Satellite Internet Services; however, they have launched a new service called Exede by Viasat. While it’s not perfect, it’s probably the best Satellite Internet Service available at this time.

If you do want to order Wildblue Internet call Toll free 1-877-479-2498.

Their hours of operation are:

Mon – Fri: 8AM – 12AM EST, Sat: 9AM – 9PM EST, Sun: 11AM – 8PM EST

For those living in a rural area, WildBlue offers special pricing here.

wildblue communications satellite internet services

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