Fuel Cells for Commercial Buildings At Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Just took an interesting class at the San Francisco, CA Pacific Energy Center PEC. Here’s info on the class:

Energy class






Program TitleFuel Cells for Commercial Buildings – An Online Course [Register]
Time, LocationMarch 26 (Monday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm) Internet
Also Offeredn/a
DescriptionFuel cell energy has been widely used for distributed heat and power generation for many years at industrial customer sites, but scaling the technology to fit commercial businesses has been a challenge that is now being addressed. This workshop will focus on and introduce two major fuel cell products, discuss their applications and advantages, review available rebates and explain how this technology can power businesses. We will be presenting customer stories to provide real-life examples of how fuel cell technology can address carbon emissions, energy expenses and energy security.Please visit our Online Classes FAQ page for specific details about online classes.
Audience LevelThis class is appropriate for anyone interested in fuel cell technology, particularly business owners.
Instructor(s)Katrina Fritz Intwala, Michael Upp, Shawn Huff, Derek Hildreth
ResourcesDownload a list of Web sites and print material related to this class topic.
CostNo fee for this program

fuel cells for commercial buildings

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