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Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc. (FGL) is a full service agronomic and environmental laboratory in California, consisting of a primary laboratory and corporate office in Santa Paula, two satellite laboratories in Stockton and Chico, as well as a field service office in Visalia. FGL provides environmental and agricultural analytical support services to a variety of clients from all three laboratories.

FGL originally received their drinking water state certification in 1927, and since then has provided drinking water testing services throughout California, including drinking water purveyors, farming groups, government contractors, individuals growers, wastewater and hazardous waste generators and handlers, as well as private companies, prime, municipalities, state and federal agencies.

In 1973 Fruit Growers Laboratory was incorporated as a standard California corporation and continued to expand its services to the environmental and agronomic industries.

Today, FGL specializes in:

– Agronomic Services
– Environmental Services
– Dairy Services
– Storm Water Services

Mullins Farms used FGL’s Environmental Services to test drinking water, specifically the ‘General Mineral and Irrigation Suitability’, which included the testing of:

Alkalinity, Aggressive Index, Bicarbonate, Boron, Calcium, Carbonate, Chloride, Copper, Electrical Conductivity, Electrical Conductivity, Fluoride, Foaming Agents, Gypsum Requirement, Hydroxide, Iron, Langlier Index, Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Potassium, Sodium, Sodium Absorption Ratio, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Hardness, and Zinc

We were able to personally drop off our sample at one of the Fruit Growers Laboratory, INC locations, but if it’s too far or hard for you to travel there, FGL will come to your property to collect a sample of your water for an additional fee.

Click HERE for Environmental Sampling Procedures informational links.

There is a video HERE explaining how to take a waste resample for a Bacteriological Analyses.

The test was affordable for us, and we received the results in about two weeks; via both email and snail-mail.

Click HERE for a Sample Report on Organic and Inorganic Chemicals.

Other Drinking Water Services from FGL include:

– General Mineral
– Irrigation Suitability
– General Mineral and Irrigation Suitability
– General Physical
– Inorganic Chemicals
– Organic Chemical Analyses
– Inorganic Chemical Analyses
– Field Services
– Trace Metals Analyses
– Radiochemical Analyses
– Bacteriological Analyses

For More Environmental Services Information from Fruit Growers Laboratory, INC, contact Vickie Taylor by phone at (805) 392-2010 or send an email to

Click HERE for General FGL Contact Information, including Multi-Language Support.

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