How To Become A Notary Public In California

Here’s a link to the California Notary hand books– 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 I just got my commission to be a Notary Public in California so I figured I’d notate the steps to get it. The Qualifications are taken directly form the Secretary of state website. Every person appointed as a […]

How Much Money Do California Notary Publics Make

Ever wonder how much money a California Notary Makes? If your just doing simple notary’s don’t plan on getting rich. California has set the max rate at $10.00 per signature. So five signatures from a signer you make $50.00. You are free to charge less or nothing at all if you so desire. California doesn’t […]

Do It Yourself (DIY) Chicken Coop Fire Sprinklers And Fire Suppression System

I’ve been hearing more and more stories of chicken coops catching on fire. So I figured I would build a chicken coop fire sprinkler system to help suppress fires. I’d sure hate for all those lil girls and boys to catch fire. Does anyone have any design ideas. I plan on just hooking it up […]

Backyard Aquaponics Info

This event has now passed. I will update when they put on another event. Closed-Loop Aquaponics With Applied Permaculture Design Backyard, Family & Commercial Systems Course Date – September 13 – 16, 2012 Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics Santa Rosa, California In Association With: Nor Cal Aquaponics Mendocino Ecological Learning Center Facilitators […]

Dog GPS System – Dog Expedition Systems Border Patrol TC1

Product Description The Border Patrol TC1 is a fully rechargeable system (Li-Ion batteries). The Collar Unit is waterproof and the Handheld Unit is water-resistant. This system is expandable to a 5-dog unit with TC1 Add-On units (sold separately). GPS e-Fence Mode Features: e-Fence Range: 15 to 800 yd. radius from Center Point Warning Zone Notifications: […]

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket 2333-XL M12 RealTree AP

I hate the cold; A LOT. I just saw this item on Amazon and it’s going to be under the Christmas tree this year. The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket 2333-XL M12 RealTree AP. You’ll get 6 hours of heat to your back, chest, and pockets. It even has a USB port to charge your […]

Grass Awns And Foxtail Prevention For Dogs – OutFox Field Guard

Foxtails and Grass Awns are a dog owners worst nightmare – especially if they make it into a lung. As hunters our dogs are sometimes put in situations where a lot of those plants exist. I found a pretty awesome product called the OutFox Field Guard. It’s basically some netting that slips over your dogs […]

USDA Organic Certification Of Aquaponics Systems

Can you get USDA Organic Certification Of Aquaponics Systems? Apparently you can. Susanne Friend and Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics claim to have  the worlds first USDA Organic Certification Of an Aquaponics System in August 2008. That’s great news as prices for USDA Organic Certification can be much higher then conventional crops. The best two […]

Friendly Aquaponics Reviews – Susanne Friend and Tim Mann

Susanne Friend and Tim Mann who are married own Friendly Aquaponics. They built their first system in 2007 of of the UVI design. They have the World Tribe brand name for the organic lettuce mix that they sell to Costco in Hawaii. In October 2008 we produced our first “Commercial Aquaponics Training”. They have some […]

Ideas For Setting Up A Notary Website

Are you a notary? Looking for ideas on what to include on your notary website? Here’s a list of the brainstorming I did when working on mine. Name address phone number – office – cell fax are you mobile only or do you have an office as well commission number commission expiration date Your picture […]

Can Light Bulbs Kill Your Chickens?

Yes light bulbs can kill your chickens if they are made with a Teflon coating; also called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Some of these bulbs may be labeled Teflon-coated, Tefcoat, Rough Surface, Protective Coated, Safety Coated, etc. The coating helps make them shatter resistant. The problem is when Teflon is heated it creates a toxic gas. PTFE is […]

I am the 99% – Who bought the New Iphone 5 Today

Mooo Mooooo – Baaaa Baaa – I feel like a piece of cattle right now. Moving down the ever decreasing walkway. Just waiting for my turn to… So yea I bought the new Iphone 5 today along with the other million people. I cruised by the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton early this morning to find […]

Mullins Farms Owner Craig Mullins in New York Times Discussing Agritourism At A Workshop In Salinas, Calif

Just wanted to throw up a quick picture that appeared in the New York Times at a workshop in Salinas, Calif where we were discussing agritourism. Be sure to read the article titled “Small U.S. Farms Find Profit in Tourism“. And of course here is a picture of myself, Nita Gizdich and a few other participants. […]

Sylvia Bernstein Aquaponic Gardening Online Course Reviews – Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

So I just wanted to write up a quick review of Sylvia Bernstein’s online course “Aquaponic Gardening – Growing Fish and Vegetables Together“. Yes, I did buy it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The first thing I love about the course if the PRICE! The website as of this date has a current price of $49.95. […]

FREE Aquaponics Webinar Introduction to Closed-Loop Aquaponics With Max Meyers

Update 09/10/12 – The webinar is over, but they have made it available for viewing free here. FREE Aquaponics Webinar Introduction to Closed-Loop Aquaponics With Max Meyers Tues, Sept 4, 6:00 – 7:30 pm PST From Their site and to Register: Presenter Max Meyers  What is Aquaponics? Wether you are a beginner, a backyard hobbyist, […]

Live Burning Man Web Cam feeds – See What You are Missing!

So many of you know I really love Burning man. So for those that didn’t go this year, myself included, here’s a live Burning Man Web cam feed for your viewing pleasure.   If you happen to know of any more live feeds PLEASE post them here.

I Donated Blood Via The American Red Cross Today

So one of my friends and business associates Tom Petty of Livermore, CA (no not the rock star Tom Petty) has been posting a blood drive event every couple months now for a long time on Facebook. I kept seeing the postings and just figured I wasn’t eligible because of the medication I am on. […]

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome In California – Symptoms Treatment And Prevention

UPDATE: Your best and first source of info should always be the following: Calaveras County Public Health Department Colleen A. Tracy, MPH, Acting Public Health Director Dean M. Kelaita, MD, Local Health Officer Phone: (209) 754-6460 Fax: (209) 754-1709 CD Reporting: (209) 754-4691 Office Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday thru Friday Mailing Address Physical Address […]

Places That Offer Aquaponics Classes, Tours And Workshops

I’m always on the lookout for schools and other organizations that offer Tours and workshops related to aquaponics and aquaculture. Do you know of any good classes, tours or workshops? Feel free to post any you know about within the USA or in other countries as well. Source Here’s a couple: The Aquaponic Source Online […]

Farming With Aquaponics – Kijani Grows Aquaponics 101 Demonstration

Aquaponics: An earth-friendly way to grow produce and harvest fish and by mimicking nature through the combination of aqua-culture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing vegetables without soil). Because the fish waste is a natural fertilizer, there is no need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. Kijani Grows is a farming technology organization located in West Oakland, […]

How To Put Apple Iphone Into Cellular Phone Field Test Mode

Want to know how to put your Apple Iphone into field test mode to look at all the special goodies? I needed to do it to get info on two parameters. What network frequency I was running on at my farm and how much signal power I was getting at a certain location to find […]

Free DIY Do It Yourself Aquaponics Plans by (MADE) Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment

(MADE) Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment owner Martin de Leon has graciously made his do it yourself aquaponics plans available to Mullins Farms. They also offer complete systems currently only shipping throughout the Philippines. Martin de Leon Get the plans MADE DIY Aquaponic Plans and Manual – Revision 3 here Be sure to check out the Modular […]

Algae Turf Scrubbers – How To Remove Algae

Update 03/22/12 The system has been updated. Go to this page and look at post 28: Foreword In the past 6 months, there have been several basic changes to the core concept of the Algae Scrubber, and these changes resulted in many people experiencing better growth and more effective filtration. By far the biggest […]

Exede by ViaSat Satellite Internet Services – Reviews and Complaints

The new Exede by ViaSat Satellite Internet Services has finally been giving the green light and now we can purchase the service! The connection speed has improved and users are allowed more bandwidth now. This is exciting news for those who don’t currently have access to internet services. However, if you’re a heavy internet user […]

Hanging Out With The AWESOME X Nutrients Team At The Maximum Yield’s 9th Annual Grow Like a Pro Indoor Gardening Expo In Francisco. CA

Hanging out with the X Nutrients team solving some crop problems over a few drinks. The best way to solve any problem! I think someone in the back already had one too many. 🙂 This was at the Maximum Yield’s 9th Annual Grow Like a Pro Indoor Gardening Expo In Francisco. CA. Here’s how to […]

How To Install A Cell Phone Repeater or Picocell Tower and Amplifer For Better Rural Cell Phone Coverage

I’d love to hear people who have set up a cell phone repeater or Picocell on their property with or without an additional amplifier to get better cell phone coverage. We haven’t done it yet so if you have any tips and suggestions we’d love to hear them. Things like install tips, best equipment to […]

How To Increase Cell Phone Coverage With a Femtocell or Microcell

I’m always looking for ways to get better cell phone coverage in my rural area of Burson, CA and Valley Springs. People have suggested I get a microcell or femtocell. Here’s why it won’t work for me, but for others it might be a great solution. A microcell uses your home internet connection. Right now […]

Just Took My California Notary Test With The The National Notary Association

So me and my sister, Lori, just took our California Notary Test with the National Notary Association. The training was pretty good. When you first get to class they take your picture, fingerprints and do a DOJ and FBI background check on you. Then you get 6 hours of education and lastly you take the […]

How To Get FREE Digital (OTA) Over The Air HD TV And Choose The Best Antenna

Since we are living in a rural area, we don’t have access to normal TV choices like Comcast or AT&T. Our only real option is a satellite service like Direct TV or Dish Network. We don’t watch much TV (we work all the time), so decided on just setting up an Antenna and having one […]

July 20th Is National Ugly Truck Day

On July 20th of each year, folks all across the country gather to celebrate a treasure of America – ugly trucks. Since there doesn’t seem to be an actual origin of the holiday, and no real written information, it’s hard to know exactly how to observe the day. However, if I had to guess, I […]